Every child will learn but…

Not on the same day,not in the same way!

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and students


It has indeed been a tough time for all of us to sustain during the pandemic but the children have been the most affected.Whether it is the kindergarten toddlers,children in formative years or senior students ,all the children had to deal with the setback.

Now that the schools have resumed offline classes it is the need of the hour to recapitulate previous learning of the students and strengthen conceptual clarity through Experiential learning.Simultaneously ample co- curricular activities and competitions have been planned to ensure physical and mental health of the students to enable them to realize their potential and aspirations.

Delhi World Public School is not only a mainstream established K-12 CBSE school but is also an immensely progressive school.We have fortified the already existing balanced curriculum in sync with the guidelines of the new National Education Policy 2020.We have successfully amalgamated Art Integration, Interdisciplinary Approach, Experiential Learning and Inclusion at all levels. Our methodologies are totally in sync with NEP 2020 which aims at meeting discrete learning outcomes along with application and competency based learning.

Here at Delhi World Public School ,we earnestly strive to provide holistic education by fostering the spirit of vibrant and vivacious learning in a safe, secure and child friendly environment.

The school is equipped with the modern and state of the art infrastructure to bring out students’ creativity and imagination. Our approach is totally learner centric with focus on character and personality development by maintaining a fine balance of Academics, Sports ,Arts, Performing Arts and other challenging activities.

We are passionate about inculcation of free thinking and our competent Teachers encourage our students to enquire, experiment, explore ,express and achieve.We do not just teach facts, we foster the spirit of enquiry in the young impressionable minds with focus on life skills.

The school promotes sensitivity and keen involvement of students with Society, Environment and Nation, thus shaping the students under our care into empathetic human beings and responsible global denizens.

We seek to create not miracles but happy and enriched lives.

Welcome to Delhi World Public School, Greater Noida for HAPPY LEARNING!

Best wishes


Ms. Heema Sharma