House Activity

In today’s world, it is important to promote a healthy competition among students. To promote this students of Delhi World Public School, Greater Noida have been divided into four houses which are named after the four major rivers of different regions of India. These rivers symbolize the rich cultural heritage and development of Indian civilisation. Each house is guided by a House teacher and lead by a house captain. Each student starting from Class I is part of a house.


The first House is Brahmaputra, an important river of eastern region of India. This river has been the life line of eastern region and water from the river is utilized for irrigation, hydroelectricity generation and transportation. The river is named after Lord Brahma, God of Creation and revered by Hindus.


The second house is Kaveri, Kaveri River, Kaveri is the sacred river of southern India. It rises on Brahmagiri Hill of the Western Ghats, flows in a south-easterly direction through the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, and descends the Eastern Ghats in a series of great falls. The primary uses of Kaveri is providing water for irrigation, water for household consumption and the generation of electricity.


The third house is named after river Narmada the river in central India. Narmada has always been an important route between the Arabian Sea and the Ganges (Ganga) River valley. Known for the breath-taking views of Dhuandhar falls at Bheda- Ghat, it is believed that the Narmada River sprang from the body of the god Shiva, and so in sanctity the Narmada ranks after only the Ganges


The fourth house is named after river Yamuna, one of the major rivers of Ganges Basin. It is considered a beholder of infinite love and compassion as Sri Krishna grew up on the banks of this river.

With the House System we don’t only inculcate a sense of healthy competition among our students but also develop a sense of belonging, develop them to work in a team environment where mutual understanding and unity brings laurels. The house system brings co-curricular and sports activities in to everyday routine of the school and helps in improving peer interaction levels and bonding